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Econ Assignments


Fair Trade Research

Log on to the following website:

1.  Read the 9 principles of Fair Trade.
2.  Create either a document, or presentation.  You are are to summarize each of the 9 principles, and explain and summarize at least one of the examples for each.  

10-1-14  (Use Ch. 3 for help!)

1. You have been hired to write the lyrics to a song titled “Who or What Decides What You Get?” Your song should be sung to the tune of any popular or well-known song. The lyrics must explain the difference between a market economy and a command economy. You may create one song that includes information about both market and command economies. Or you can create two versions of the song—one about market economies and one about command economies. Your song must: 

• include at least four Speaking of Economics terms from this lesson. 
• include at least one of the primary goals of each type of economic system. 
• explain the role of government in each type of economic system. 
• highlight at least two benefits and two drawbacks of each economic system.

Constitution Day Assignment:

Click on the  link below: scroll down and find the 10 Question Quiz about the Constitution.  Take the quiz.  Print out your quiz and quiz score to hand in.

The quiz is titled: Can you pass the Constitution Quiz?

Click on the  link below:  Take the quiz, then read about the founding father you matched with. Copy his name and key ideas to hand in.

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