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Monday, Sept. 21st!

1.  Media Center
2. Begin working on Gilded Age Project. Instructions will be handed out on Friday, Sept. 18th. 

Tuesday, Sept. 22nd!
1. Media Center
2. Continue working on Project. Due on Thursday, Sept. 24th.

FRIDAY, Sept. 11th, 2015

School picture day! Vision Screening! Meet With Ambassadors!

1.  9-11 (Media Center)
2. Research sites and articles on the events of Sept. 11, 2001
3. Be prepared on Monday, Sept. 14th to share (informally)
3. You will be discussing in groups on Monday, what you researched and what sources you used.  You are NOT required to bring in anything, but you may save information to your cell phone or personal electronic devise to share in your groups if you desire.

Wednesday, May 27th:

1.  You will spend your day today, researching and reviewing the section on the 1970's and 1980's from your exam review
**We will be reviewing the topics on Thursday, that will be on your final exam from the 70's and 80's
2.  You should Create a set of notes OR flashcards, to identify the topics/events from that list
3.  If you finish, proceed to the section on the 90's

******Email with any questions.  I will be back in class for the rest of the week, as well and next Monday and Tuesday

Friday, May 15th:

1.  Complete the assignment from Thursday (which is still listed below)
2.  On ABC-Clio:  
     Research the use of Agent Orange and Napalm
3.  Using news sources like Google News, BBC, CNN......research articles about Vietnam. Print and be prepared to share the key points and the source on Monday.

Thursday, May 14th:

Vietnam Research


  1. Direct American involvement in Vietnam began in 1961, when President John F. Kennedy deployed 400 Green Berets as advisers to the South Vietnamese.



2.What was Operation Rolling Thunder?



  1. Who were General Westmoreland and Robert MCnamara?



  1. How did the Tet offensive affect  the way American’s viewed the war?



  1. Nixon created the plan for Vietnamization…Please describe the details of this plan.



  1. Why was the Ho Chi Minh trail important to the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong?



  1. What happened at Kent State University as a result of the bombings in Cambodia and Laos by the United States?



  1. Under the resources tab, please review the pages on (African Americans in Vietnam, American Indians in Vietnam, Vietnam U.S. Army Strength, U.S. Casualties by military service)


      9.  Research the details of the MyLai Massacre.



  1. Review the section: Vietnam: Fighting the War at Home

Tuesday, May 5th:

Peace Corps video and Website

Tuesday, May 12th:

Thursday, April 30th:

Wednesday, April 1:

1. Log on to ABC-Clio via the cyber library
2. Select "Issues"
3. Go to the letter C, and click on Civil Rights in America
4. Take bullet point notes on the section titled, Civil Rights: Overview, and Civil Rights: Outlook
5.  Choose the menu on the left side for General Resources: Pick 2 readings to print and read. Be prepared to share your selections on the Monday that we return to school (April 13th)

(This is the same type of assignment we did last week, regarding Poverty in America)

PLease email me with any questions: kgrand@portageps.org

Thursday, March 26:

Wednesday, March 25:

Why did poverty persist in the United States in an age of affluence? (ch. 43)

Click on the link below: "Evaluate" this source and its contents

Crash Course US HIstory


Visit the above link.  Read the Tales from the Rails stories.  Complete the assignment from the handout on Tuesday.  

Constitution Day Assignment 9-17-2013

posted Sep 17, 2013, 5:17 AM by Kayleen Grand   [ updated Sep 17, 2013, 5:31 AM ]

Click on the  link below: scroll down and find the 10 Question Quiz about the Constitution.  Take the quiz.  Print out your quiz and quiz score to hand in.

The quiz is titled: Can you pass the Constitution Quiz?


Click on the  link below:  Take the quiz, then read about the founding father you matched with. Copy his name and key ideas to hand in.

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